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Nantong Taiweishi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a new modern enterprise, which is deeply engaged in the field of medical treatment and health, integrating scientific research, production and trade.

The company has a nearly 5,000 square meters and 100,000-level purification workshop, specializing in the production of disposable maskļ¼Œdisposable medical mask (sterile, non- sterile), single-use medical face maskļ¼ˆsterileć€non-sterileļ¼‰, surgical maskļ¼ˆsterileć€non-sterileļ¼‰, and childrenā€™s maskļ¼ŒSelf-priming Filter Type Anti-particle  Respirator (KN95 mask)ļ¼ˆ  ear-hookć€ Head-mountedļ¼‰ļ¼ŒProtective face mask for medical useļ¼ˆsterileć€non-sterileļ¼‰ļ¼ŒFiltering half maskļ¼ˆCup shapeļ¼‰. At the same time, the company actively arranged the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and has now built a 300000-level dust-free purification workshop, which is used for the production of melt-blown fabric, non-woven fabric, hot-air cotton and other sanitary material. So the whole process from raw materials to finished products can be controlled independently to ensure the consistent product quality.At the same time, Taiweishi is still forging ahead, magnifying the advantage of independent production of relevant raw materials, and extending the industrial chain. It will successively launch non-woven surgical clothing, disposable dust-proof cap, disposable dust-proof shoe cover, disposable surgical pad sheet and other non-woven deep processing products.The company is committed to providing highly reliable protection products for medical staff by adopting high-standard materials, advanced technology and continuous innovation to create a safer and healthier world.